Index Exchange

UX Development Lead

As the UX Development Lead at Index Exchange, Martin is a bridge between Design and Engineering; advocating for exploration, adoption, and iteration of modern front-end development and design tooling. As a member of the Product Design team, Martin provides ongoing technical feedback to his Product Design peers, and builds rapid prototypes to validate assumptions. Martin is enthusiastic in his evangelism of best practices and trends in Front-End Development and User Experience Design. Martin works consistently with the broader product team on “outside-of-the-app” projects: including workshops, lunch-and-learns, custom emails, landing pages, and public-facing events like hackathons.

Term of Employment

October 2016 - Present

Technologies Used

SASS/CSS, Angular 2/4, React, Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud

Responsibilities and Accomplishments include:

  • Working closely with Product, Marketing, Design and Engineering to build compelling user-facing products and improve the design and production workflow
  • Creating rapid prototypes in Angular 2 to facilitate optimal user experiences through iterative design
  • Producing and facilitating workshops on topics including ES6 Javascript, TypeScript, Angular 2, React, HTML and CSS Fundamentals, Cross-Team Collaboration, and Flexbox
  • Planning, facilitating, and authoring content for Canada's first Ad Tech Hackathon, alongside three designers on the team, in partnership with the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science & Innovation Lab, with over 250 attendees and 72 hours of nonstop hacking
  • Defining and integrating a front end process as part of the development lifecycle
  • Managing individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables

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